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La Flaca Menu


May 1, 2015

Sergio’s is proud to introduce the La Flaca Menu for those who are looking to satisfy their taste buds without sacrificing their waistline. We understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, so Abuela has been working hard in the kitchen to bring you her new collection of healthier menu options without losing any of the great taste grown to love. Now you can still enjoy some of your Cuban favoritos without any of the added guilt. Here’s to your salud.

  • No Trans Fat
  • Cooking Sprays instead of butter and oils to reduce calories
  • Steamed vegetable instead of pan-fried
  • Brown rice available as a substitute to white rice
  • No salt and only natural herbs for all chicken items in the menu
  • Low salt soups
  • Empanadas are all whole wheat and oven baked instead of fried
  • Small tapas plates for those concerned with portion control
  • Constantly offering new, low-calorie salad creations that go perfect with our La Flaca salad spritzers