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NEW at Sergio's: We are now serving Lactaid®!

October 19, 2015

Did you know 50 percent of Hispanics are sensitive to dairy? Well starting in October, Sergio's started offering Lactaid® at all of its locations. We are now the only Cuban restaurant and cafe using Lactaid® in the nation!

Café con leche, cafecitos and other Cuban staples are widely popular in South Florida, and now they can be enjoyed at Sergio's stress free.

"Sergio's is always thinking about how we can respond to our customers. That's why we already offer vegetarian, vegan and paleo-friendly options at our restaurants," CEO of Sergio's Restaurants Carlos Gazitua said. "Offering a high quality alternative like Lactaid® is a logical next step in providing more options to our customers."

Thanks to positive feedback upon announcing the addition of Lactaid® to Sergio's menu, it looks like its popularity is promising! We will continue serving Lactaid® on a trial basis - and we encourage you to try it out! Customers can even fill out a survey at our locations to give us feedback.

Lactaid® products are real dairy, but they have a natural enzyme called lactase which allows lactose sensitive people to digest dairy with zero discomfort. Lactose intolerant? No problema! Sergio's has you covered!

For more information on Lactaid®, click here.