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NEW menu coming this November at Sergio's!

November 2, 2015

Sergio's is always looking to better serve our customers, so we are making a drastic change. Starting later this November, Sergio's new menu will feature locally sourced Wagyu beef - taking your Palomilla and Pan con Bistec to a whole new level!

Sergio's will be sourcing our beef from Jackman Florida Natural Wagyu Farm in Clewiston Florida. Their Wagyu cattle are all natural, 100% hormone and antibiotic free, and are fed all-vegetarian diets. This is a delicious, high quality product you can feel good about!

All Jackman Wagyu beef steaks are USDA inspected and aged assuring ultimate tenderness. Wagyu Kobe Beef is known for its distinct marbling and flavor – sure to get your taste buds moving.

Sergio's will be the first Cuban restaurant in the nation serving locally sourced Wagyu Palomilla and Pan Con Bistec! So stay tuned via social media for further announcements - and be sure to try the mouthwatering, all natural Wagyu beef coming soon!

If you would like to know more about our locally sourced beef, visit jackmanwagyubeef.com for more information.