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Sergio's La Flaca™ Menu Recognized by Florida Department of Health

March 15, 2016

Sergio's restaurant was recognized by Dr. Lillian Rivera and the Florida Department of Health for their La Flaca™ menu. The Cuban restaurant franchise is the first certified restaurant to take part in the Healthy Happens Here Initiative in Miami-Dade County.

Sergio's La Flaca™ menu provides a wide range of options for customers to enjoy healthy Cuban cuisine in a restaurant setting. Their La Flaca™ selection includes a designated Breakfast Menu, Flat Breads and Sandwich Menu, Entrée's, Salads and Sides. La Flaca™ Turkey Picadillo, Mahi-Mahi, and Cauliflower Rice are among the delicious and healthy items served.

La Flaca™ menu is a great example of the Healthy Happens Here Initiative, which focuses on providing Miami-Dade residents with healthy choices while dining out. The initiative hopes to decrease cases of obesity by building a network of participating restaurants with healthy menu options.

CEO of Sergio's, Carlos Gazitua is proud to be a part of the Healthy Happens Here Initiative. "I enjoy making it easier for our customers to choose healthier alternatives while dining with us," Gazitua said. "Cooking with coconut oil – or serving lean turkey makes a huge difference in the nutrition of a meal – all while maintaining delicious flavor."

Florida State's Surgeon General Dr. John Armstrong identifies obesity as the #1 threat to Floridians' health. The Health and Promotion and Disease Preventions committee has made it their priority to get Miami-Dade residents to a healthy weight. Sergio's La Flaca™ menu shows the calorie count for each item – allowing customers to pick and choose without a worry!