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Telemundo: "Sergio's" and the Taste of Cuba

A young chef maintains the flavor of the traditional recipes of Cuban food with the healthy demands of current cuisine

December 19, 2016

(English Translation)

Sergio's Restaurants has always had great flavor, but their new menu now has less calories.

40 years ago, Blanca Rosa Cabrera, and her mother Elsa opened their first restaurant.

"In order to compete in modern times, we constantly innovate our menu to live up to the demands of younger people's palates," Cabrera said. "The success of the business relies on your ability to define yourself in your industry."

Seven years ago, Blanca's son, Carlos Gazitua joined the team.

"My grandmother and mom came to Miami with nothing, so they treasured our traditional Cuban recipes," Gazitua said.

The first thing he did was create a new menu called 'La Flaca' which means 'the skinny one'. The menu brought Latin flavors to healthy food.

"One of the new menu items created is our Cauliflower Rice, which has onions, salt and just a little bit of pepper," Gazitua said. "This is a great traditional Cuban dish for those who want to stay in shape."